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Wedding Tips: 5 Tips for Great Wedding Details Images

5 Tips for Great Wedding Detail Images

5 Tips for Great Wedding Detail Images

5 Tips for Great Wedding Detail Images

You have spent so much time and effort before the wedding making sure all the details for the wedding day are perfect.  Making sure they all flow together.  And if you are like most of my couples, you probably even hand crafted at least one of the details yourself.  So, you will definitely want some great images of all the little details that came together to make your wedding day look amazing!  Here are some tips to ensure that you have these images that you have been swooning over on Pinterest.

Victoria & Alex's Rustic Wedding at Whispering Tree Ranch

1. Give Your Photographer Time to Shoot the Details

Tip number one is pretty straight forward.  Make sure you give your photographer time in the day to photograph all the lovely details!  I usually take about 1 hour to photograph both the bride and groom details before I start the getting ready pictures.  This gives me time to warm up my creative juices before the day gets really started.  I also take about 30 minutes just before the ceremony to photograph the reception details (as long as the reception and ceremony are in the same location).  Pro secret: This also gives me a chance to sneak in a snack before the most important part of the day!


2. Gather All The Details Before Getting Ready

You will want all the details together and ready for your photographer before you start getting ready.  This way they can come in, say a quick hello, and get started on photographing the details right away.  Here are the things you will want to have ready for your photographer:

Bridal Details:

  • Dress (with wooden hanger)
  • Veil/Hair Piece
  • All Three Rings
  • Ring Box
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Perfume
  • Invitation Suite
  • Garter
  • Borrowed & Blue
  • Bridal Bouquet & Groom Boutonniere
  • Vows
  • Any other special items

Groom Details:

  • Tie
  • Cuff Links
  • Shoes
  • Cologne
  • Watch/Accessories
  • Any other special items

Pro Tip: Have all the small items together in a bag or a box so your photographer can easily transport it to the best light.

Brianna & Branden's Wedding at Windmill House in Chino Valley, AZ


3. Have your Flowers Delivered Before Your Photographer Arrives

If you have your flowers delivered directly to the bridal suite before your photographer arrives, they will be able to include them in the photos!  You really only need the bridal bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere for the detail pictures, the rest of the floral can stay in the fridge if needed.  Your flowers can go back into the fridge while you finish getting ready!


4. Ask Your Florist For A Few Extra Flowers

Most times the florists will order a few extra flowers for your order to make sure everything looks it’s best.  Ask them if they can bring a few extra stems of the flowers or greenery (if they have any) for your photographer to use in the detail shots.  This is a great way to tie the flowers into images of things like the invitation suite.


5. Think of Any Extra Details To Include

These would be any extra details that tie your wedding day together.  If you are having a rustic wedding, this could be a piece of burlap.  If you are having a book themed wedding, this can be an extra book or some book pages.  Other ideas may be: lemons from your centerpieces, a wine cork or two, wood slab from decorations, a piece of lace, ribbon, or twine,

Think of what elements tie your entire wedding together and consider giving them to your photographer.  These elements will really help tie in your details with the wedding day.


There we have it!  With these five tips and an amazing photographer, you are sure to get the detail images of your dreams!  Want more tips for creating an amazing wedding day?  Click here for more Wedding Tips!

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