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Spring and Fall Phoenix Wedding Tips

Arizona Spring & Fall Wedding Tips

Did you know the most popular months to get married in Phoenix are March – May and September – November?!  It’s true!  80% of couples getting married in Phoenix get married during these months.  And it is easy to see why.  The weather is wonderful during this time of year and the sun isn’t setting too early in the day yet.  Your options are endless to the types of wedding you can have in Phoenix during this time of year.  But, this also means you will have stiff competition getting married this time of year.  So, this week my tips are going to be more about planning your wedding rather than your actual wedding day.


Plan Early

Start planning 12 – 18 months in advance if you are planning to get married during these months.  If you are planning a wedding in March, October, and early November, you may want to start planning closer to the 18 months in advance date.  Many of the venues, photographers, and DJs are likely to book up for weekends during this season 12 months or more in advance.  (Seriously, during these months I have booked weddings close to two years before the wedding.)  Start looking at and meeting with these vendors first, as they are the first vendors usually booked for a wedding.  Once you have your date in place with these vendors, then you can move on to flowers, catering, make-up and hair, etc.

Outdoor spring wedding ceremony at The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch by Arizona wedding photographer PMA Photography.

Get Creative

Typically weddings happen on Saturdays.  However, during this time of year weddings can take place any day of the week.  I have personally photographed Friday, Sunday, and Monday weddings.  Though, the most popular “non-traditional” days are Friday and Sunday.  If you decided to plan a wedding on a day other than Sunday, take into account your guests, bridal party, the feel of your wedding, and of course what you two want!  Not planning on having a raging party all night?  A Sunday wedding could be perfect!  If your bridal party is down to take the day off and your guests don’t mind leaving work a little early for your special day, a Friday wedding may be your jam.  My husband and I got married on a Sunday (because that has been our day together for 10 years prior to our wedding), and it was perfect for us!

The Sky Is The Limit

There is a reason 80% of couples get married during this time of year in Arizona.  Because they can do just about anything they want for their wedding!  The weather is perfect this time of year!  Warm in the afternoon, cool in the evening, and very little chances of rain!

You can plan their wedding at any time of day.  Outdoor weddings can be planned with little worry of rain.  You don’t have to plan their outfits according to the weather, you can wear whatever is in your dreamy vision of your wedding day.  During this time of year you can really make your wedding dreams come true!

Bride and groom in the desert at for their Spring wedding by Phoenix wedding photographer PMA Photography.

Spring Weddings

Allergies: If you or anyone in your bridal party has allergies, make sure you are well prepared.  All you need is some extra allergy meds in your getting ready/emergency bag and you should be set!

You Will Be Hot: As summer approaches, the afternoons get warmer and warmer.  Add on to that wedding dresses and suits, you will get hot in the afternoon.  But, don’t be too worried!  Just prepare for it by having a spare handkerchief to blot your face and bring along a cold bottle of water anytime you are in the sun.

Fall Weddings

Colors: A lot of couples choose fall weddings because of the beautiful color of fall.  The plumbs, maroons, and sunset oranges and yellows are amazing.  But, in Arizona most of our trees don’t change colors until December.  If you can, find a wedding venue that has at least one area that will change during the fall.  Really all you need is one small area!  If that is not an option, just rock the colors in your outfits!  That and some shade will be more than enough to show off that our wedding was in the fall!

Sunset Time: As the winter draws near, the sun sets earlier and earlier.  Take this into account when you are planning your ceremony time.  I suggest planning your ceremony about 1 – 1 1/2 hours before sunset if you are having a First Look, and closer to 2 – 2 1/2 without a First Look.

Bride and groom wearing purple and blue colors for their fall Phoenix wedding by PMA Photography.


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Wedding Tips

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