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How to Show Off Your Love for Tattoos At Your Wedding

If you are anything like me, you love your tattoos and you want to show them off on your wedding day. In fact, my husband and I exchanged tattoos for our wedding presents to each other. But, unless your tattoos are somewhere always visible like your hands or your neck, you may not be sure about how to show them off. That’s where I come in!

Show Them Off: Tailored Short Sleeve Shirt

If you are wearing a suit on your wedding day, consider a short sleeve shirt instead of a long sleeve shirt. For the ceremony you can wear your suit jacket to be a bit more formal. But by the reception, the jackets usually come off. When yours does, you will be showing off your arm tattoos in all their glory. You can also take your suit jacket off during your portraits with your wedding photographer.

Tattooed groom showing off his sleeves with a tailored short sleeve button up by Arizona Wedding Photographer PMA Photography.

Show Them Off: Dress Styles

Similarly, if you are wearing a dress, choose a style that shows off your tattoos. Have tattoos on your legs? Consider a knee length dress. Back tattoos? Consider a backless dress or one that has a sheer fabric in the back. Arm tattoos? You have it the easiest! Just choose something without sleeves!

Tattooed bride showing off her arm tattoo with a sleeveless wedding dress.

Tattoo Wedding Picture

Don’t want to show off your tattoos all day? Have your photographer take a few pictures showing off your tattoos. Roll up your sleeves and hike up your dress to show your tattoos in all their glory. You will not regret it!

Bride and groom pose for a picture showing off their tattoos on their wedding day.

Engagement Session Photos

Choose outfits during your engagement session that show off your tattoos. And then use those photos in your wedding. You can use them to send our Save the Date. Or, create a photo wall of your relationship including the engagement photos. You can also use them as part of your centerpieces. For more ideas, see my post on 10 ways to use your engagement photos.

Couple showing off their tattoos with their outfit choice during their engagement session.

Decorations and Favors

Incorporate your love of tattoos into the decorations and favors at your wedding. If you have a photobooth, include some custom props with tattoo themes. Like instead of thought bubbles, have tattoo banners with words! And have the hearts designed like American Traditional hearts. You can also do fun things like temporary tattoos for your wedding favors!

No matter how you do it, including your tattoos in your wedding is a great way to personalize your wedding!

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