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5 Tips For Killer Ring Images On Your Wedding Day

5 tips for killer ring images on your wedding day by PMA Photography.5 tips for killer ring images on your wedding day by PMA Photography.

One of the most common wedding photographs is of the wedding rings.  The wedding rings are a symbol of your love, commitment, and vows to each other.  They are an important part of the day, and deserve their own moment in the spotlight.  Here are my top tips for making sure you get killer images of your wedding rings on the day of your wedding.

Clean Your Ring(s)

Schedule to have your engagement ring cleaned the within 1 – 2 weeks of the wedding.  Also, if your future-spouse wears their ring during your engagement, have that one cleaned as well.  You want your rings to look the best for all the close up pictures.  Having the ring cleaned within 1 – 2 weeks is the perfect time so you are not stressing about picking up the ring before the wedding and so that it doesn’t get dirty before the wedding.

Freshly cleaned wedding ring on a woman's hand on her wedding day by PMA Photography.

Have The Rings Together

Before the wedding, have all rings together ready for your photographer to photograph.  This most commonly includes the engagement ring and both wedding bands.  This way your photographer can get pictures of the all the rings before the ceremony.

I always suggest having the rings with the bride and bridesmaids because I start my day photographing the bridal details.  You can always have someone (including your photographer or planner) deliver the wedding band to the groom’s crew or ring bearer before the ceremony.

Wedding bands and engagement ring in a macaroon ring holder by PMA Photography.

Bring Your Invitations

I love photographing my couples rings on their wedding invitations!  It is a great way to personalize the ring picture with the details of the wedding or even the couples names!

Wedding bands and engagement ring with cactus wedding invitations by PMA Photography.

Flowers Flowers Flowers

If you can, have your bouquet and a few loose flower stems available for your photographer.  This is another great way to personalize the ring images with other details from the wedding day.  Make sure to coordinate with your florist to ensure they can deliver the flowers before your photographer arrives.

Detail shot of a unique wedding ring with a boutonniere by PMA Photography.

Make Sure Your Hands Are Manicured

I absolutely love photographing wedding rings on my couples hands.  So, you will want to make sure your hands are model ready.

You don’t have to get a manicure, but make sure you hands look manicured!  Make sure your hands are clean, your fingernails are trimmed, and your hands are lotioned.  If you are wearing nail polish, bring the bottle with you for any last minute touch ups.

Simple gold wedding band on a groom's well manicured hand while holding his bride by PMA Photography.


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