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5 Tips for an Amazing Engagement Session

5 tips for amazing engagement photos by Phoenix wedding photographer PMA Photography.5 tips for amazing engagement photos by Phoenix wedding photographer PMA Photography.

This month has been all about engagement sessions.  First I explained why they were crucial to your wedding photos.  Next I helped you determine where to have your session and what to wear.  Now here it is, my final 5 tips getting amazing engagement photos!

Clean Your Engagement Ring

The ring is an important token of the engagement.  So, your photographer will most likely getting lost of pictures of the ring.  After all, this is its first time in the spotlight!  Have the ring cleaned before the session to make sure it is looking its best.

Leave Your Things in the Car

The last thing that you want is to get your engagement pictures back and realize you can see a phone bulge in someones pockets or their keys were hanging off their belt loop.  I suggest that you leave everything but the essentials (car key and a phone) in the car.  I always bring a bag with me and I can hold small items like sunglasses, phones, and keys for my couples, but your photographer may only have their pockets to carry things.  You don’t want to be stressed out about where you put your sunglasses in-between every location move, so just leave as much as you can in the car.

Hair & Makeup

This is a great chance to do a trial run for your wedding day!  Yes, your hair and makeup may be different for the wedding, but this will allow you to see how the artist’s style photographs.  It will give you an opportunity to discuss any style changes you would like with them prior to the wedding day.

Couple pose for their Spring Thunderbird Mountain engagement session by Phoenix wedding photographer PMA Photography.

Eat a Snack and Drink Water

Eat a snack and drink some water before the session.  (I always do the same before photographing an engagement session.)  You will be walking quite a bit during the session and the Arizona sun can be more draining than we expect.  Be sure to have a healthy snack and some water before the session so you are feeling your best throughout the entire session!


Leave the House Early

Plan to get to the location 15 minutes early.  That way if you run into some unexpected traffic or you are running a few minutes late (because the dog didn’t want to listen) you won’t be stressed.  If you get there early, awesome!  Take the time to hang out together!  If you get there on time, awesome!  You will be cool as a cucumber and ready to go!


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