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Clean Eating – Week Three

The finish line in eye site! Just one week left and we are almost there! I don’t have a theme for this week. Maybe cravings? But they didn’t overtake my life or anything. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” maybe? Because this week was really all about the pre-planning to make sure that we stayed on top of our game.

Easter/Family Gatherings

This weekend was Easter. A time we generally get together with our families and eat our faces off. But, not this year. We ate breakfast and grabbed some Americanos for ‘treats’ before heading to my in-laws house in the morning. Then we stopped back at our house to eat a big lunch before heading over to my grandma’s. Where we got to explain to everyone why we weren’t eating anything. I was still a little hungry so I grabbed some fresh fruit and carrots, but that was it.

I was surprised how often my brain told me to grab a candy from one of the many candy dishes on various tables. I wasn’t hungry and wasn’t even craving anything sweet. But my instinct was to grab candy at Grandma’s. (I have this same instinct at my bestie’s grandma’s house too.)

The worst part was my grandma baked a chocolate pie just for me. It is my absolute favorite. I had no idea, or else I would have told her before we came. Long story short, there is a hefty piece of chocolate pie sitting in our freezer. Hopefully it freezes well.

Date Night

We actually went out on a date this week. We decided to go to the movies, one of our favorites. We knew we wouldn’t be able to have the popcorn, duh. So, I made us each a bag of homemade, air-popped popcorn to enjoy during the movie. (We snuck it in using my camera bag. Room for multiple cameras = plenty of room for popcorn!)

We were surprised to find out that we could not have the tea at the movie theater. You know, the Unsweetened Brisk Iced Tea from the fountain. Unsweetened tea, so it should be fine, right? I am so glad I googled the ingredients before we left. Brisk Iced Tea is, frankly, not tea at all. Water, natural flavor, caramel color, tea powder, phophoric acid, potasium sorbate, sodium benzoate, citrus pectin, red 40. RED 40?! Caramel Color?! Are you freaking kidding me?! Thanks Pepsi. We brought in our own home brewed iced tea in my hydroflask.


I have not really had any cravings before this point. But they were in full force this week. Here is why I think that is.

  1. Easter week. So. Many. Candy. Commercials. I really don’t see that many commercials, but between Hulu and Youtube, it was enough for me to want sweets.
  2. I left the house more. I drove to Sedona and back and had to drive by Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and Starbucks while sipping my black tea and eating a Nut and Seed bar for dinner. I also had a few other consultations and engagement sessions that took me out of the house and into the real world where I could be triggered by the smell of french fries.

One Week Left

We are almost to the finish line! I lost another pound this week. And, once again, my husband lost more. Hahaha. We are already planning what our first meal out will be. We have decided to pace ourselves and not eat everything all in one day. But, one thing is for sure, Chipotle will be our first meal!

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