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We believe love is an adventure in itself, one worth celebrating authentically. That's why we specialize in elopements and intimate weddings for couples who dare to be different. As a couple who had a unique wedding day ourselves, it holds a special place in our hearts and we love helping couples create their own personal and authentic celebrations.


Behind The Scenes with PMA Photography

Did you think the life of a wedding photographer was just taking pictures?  Well, you are mistaken.  We do so much more on a wedding day!  Here is a peak behind the scenes from some of my most recent weddings and engagement shoots!

Thank you wet rocks for giving me support and making me feel secure that I will not fall into the creek behind me.  If at all possible, I try not to lay on my belly to get these awesome low shots, so I appreciate these rocks for the help.


I have been known to pin a few boutonnieres in my days.  I myself have googled how to put them on, and there are about 10 different ways.  So I understand when the guys don’t know how to put them on.  These ones were particularly difficult as they were made of holly sticks.  But it was way worth it!  These were some of my favorite boutonnieres ever!


Setting up for the ceremony using my second shooter as a stand in.  During the processional, you can find me right here.  Best seat in the house next to the groom.

I always selfie with my couple and my second.  I am getting pretty good at it.  But sometimes they turn out a little blurry.  But that is ok, because it is a selfie!  Also, ok because I take a nice photo with each of my couples as well!


Here is that ground shot again!  I’ve been working on my core so I can lean back with my camera gear!


I will often sing along to the music on the side of the dance floor.  But if you put on Spice Girls I will be on the dance floor singing and dancing along.  I have also been practicing my Cha Cha Slide and Payaso De Rodeo.  I am still waiting for someone to bring it back with the Tootsie Roll.  That is my jam from my Great Skate dates.


I hope you enjoyed taking a peek behind the scenes with me!  If you want to see what kind of magic these behind the scenes images create, click here to see my weddings: Weddings by PMA Photography.

Want to know more about the girl behind the camera?  Check out my Get To Know Me! posts.

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