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8 Things To Delegate On Your Wedding Day

8 Tasks to Delegate On Your Wedding Day Image
8 Tasks to Delegate On Your Wedding Day Image
8 Tasks to Delegate On Your Wedding Day Image

As the bride and/or groom you are quite literally the center of attention on your wedding day.  Your friends and family want to celebrate your and your relationship.  You want to enjoy the day to the fullest.  Because, believe me, it goes too fast!  The key to enjoying your wedding day?  Delegation.  Here are some of the top things to delegate on your wedding day.

Bride and groom walk together on their wedding day by PMA Photography.

Day of Payments

If you can, pay your vendors before the wedding.  If you cannot, have checks ready in labeled envelopes and hand them off to someone you trust for delivery.  Your wedding planner, maid of honor, and best man are great options for this task.


For the love of all that is weddings do not decorate your own ceremony/reception.  Delegate this task out so you can relax and enjoy your wedding morning.  If your are going DIY style on your decorations, set up your table decorations at home and take pictures and print them.  Stick them with your decorations so the person that you delegate to decorate knows exactly how you want everything to look.  The best people to delegate this to people not in the bridal party.  The set up time for the venues is usually when you will be getting ready.  Close friends, aunts/uncles, cousins, or siblings not in the bridal party would be great options to delegate this task to.

Image of rustic chic sweetheart table decorated with baby's breath and the couple's initials.

Day of Contact for Vendors

Your wedding planner is a great person to be the day of contact for your vendors.  If you do not have a wedding planner, then your appointed day of coordinator is the person for the job.  If you don’t have a day of coordinator, you need one!  Check out this post on How to DIY: Wedding Day of Coordinator.  Make sure your vendors have this person’s contact number prior to your wedding day.

Your Calls and Text Messages

What if your vendors lost the number for your planner?  Or a guest needs directions?  Or texts you to tell you they cannot make it.  Do not be the person answering that phone or text message.  Hand your phone over to your maid of honor and best man.  Let them take care of answering your calls, responding to texts, etc.  They will relay all need to know information to you.


Wedding planners are great at this as well!  But, you will want someone close to you throughout the day to make sure you are personally on time.  This is another great task for the Maid of Honor or Best Man.  Make sure they have a copy of the timeline so they can let you know when you need to put that mimosa down and get into your dress.

Groom putting on his watch while getting ready for his wedding day.


Ok, ok.  So you cannot get someone else to eat for you.  But you should have someone make sure that you eat!  Moms are great at this.  Plan on having someone grab your favorite fast food or have your mom make your favorite childhood snack.  Have a sub delivered to your getting ready suite.  I don’t how or what, but make sure someone makes you eat before the ceremony!

Family Wrangling

When it comes time for your family portraits, you will want someone who will be able to gather the family for you.  This will ensure you get pictures with everyone on your list and that your family formals will go quickly.  Have a list ready and hand it off to someone who knows your family and can get them over to the picture location.  Siblings are great at this.  You may need two people to gather the family, one for your family and one for your fiance’s family.

Wedding Gifts

You will get gifts and cars at the reception.  They will not get to your house by magic!  Have someone load them into the car and bring them to your house for you.  If you are going to a hotel room for the night, you do not want to have to carry the gifts to your hotel room and then back out to your car the next day!  If you are heading straight home, you can have someone load the gifts into your car before you leave.

Delegate these tasks on your wedding day and you are sure to have a more relaxed day.  You will be able to enjoy the moment and be all there.  And this does not apply only to brides.  Grooms need to delegate as well!

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