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A Look Behind The Scenes in 2018

As the year comes to an end, it is time for me to look back on all the fun I had photographing weddings!  I still have one more wedding left this year, so you will have to wait for all the selfies.  But, I have all the behind the scenes goodies for you now!  Ok, enough talking, let’s get to the goods!

The Floor

Let’s start this off how I start my day, on the floor.  Here is a collection of pictures of me getting dirty while getting the best detail shots.

And if I am not on the floor, I am apparently on a step stool making myself taller!  😂

Getting Ready

Do you need help getting ready?  We have your back.


Need help with those pesky vest belts or lacing up a corset dress?  No problem!

Cufflinks?  Yeah, they are a little weird.  But I have you covered!  (Yep, I am sticking my tongue out.  Sometimes I need to concentrate…)

Tall groom when I remember my step stool…

Tall groom when I forget my step stool!  Thanks for the assist Alec!

Jenn: My Forever Stand In Bride

Sure second shooters take a lot of great photos.  But they are also there to be my stand in bride when I need to get my settings.  Without further ado, Jenn: Stand In Bride edition.

When you see your groom for the first time.

Location scouting and lens testing.

Ever impressed to see her groom down the aisle.  😂

Other Shenanigans

That face when I have enough time for a snack and a selfie!

I have been known to back into pokey bushes and put my foot in cactus to get “the shot”.

The Mirror of Erised

Ready to get this party started!

Did someone say cake?!  (Also, it is so dark.  Why are there sunglasses on my head?!)

When the flower girl just wants to run laps around you.

When the coordinator jumps into your test selfie!  Shout out to Madison with The Audubon.

Dance Break

Time for a dance break.  Pro Tip: If you want us on the dance floor have coffee for Jenn and play Spice Girls for me (or Usher)!

Let’s kick it off with a happy coffee dance:

Ingrid can’t handle my sweet moves.

Learning how to dance to Persian music.  Its all in the hands!

Are we taking a picture or doing the can-can?


Hot Chocolate?  Yes Please!


There you have it!  All the fun behind the scenes action from my 2018 weddings.  I cannot wait to see what amazingness my 2019 weddings bring me!

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