9 wedding photography timelines built for 6 - 8 hours of coverage, first looks or traditional timelines, and 1 - 3 locations.  These timelines are perfect to use for any couple and designed to be LGBTQ+ inclusive by creating equal time to photograph both partners during the day including details and getting ready.

Included with the 9 timelines:

- A guide on how to customize the timelines for each wedding
- Questions to ask on your questionnaire to help customize and prepare the wedding day timelines
- A guide on what to photograph during each part of the day
- Tips on special considerations for LGBTQ+ couples


LGBTQ+ Inclusive Wedding Timelines

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- 6 Hour First Look Timeline
- 8 Hour First Look Timeline, 1 Location
- 8 Hour First Look Timeline, 2 Locations 
- 8 Hour First Look Timeline, 3 Locations 
- 6 Hour Traditional Timeline
- 8 Hour Traditional Timeline, 1 Location
- 8 Hour Traditional Timeline, 2 Locations
- 8 Hour Traditional Timeline, 3 Locations
- Bonus: 8 Hour Couple Getting Ready
  Together Timeline

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